How to use Our System - A Demo


You can use our demo account to follow along as the store. The MID is 14465286 and use the same for the password. For the customer driver license use A1234567

It starts off with the customer getting approved. They fill out a short form and enter their bank log in. This tells their bank to send us recent activity. We text and e-mail them their approved limits. Since January 2017 we've cut the time for approval to a few seconds in most cases. The customer can get approved from our site or the merchant's own web site.

To see how a customer gets qualified, enter your own e-mail and cell number so you'll get to see the messages we send the customer. Go to

When the customer is approved we e-mail it to the store if they applied from the merchant's site. The e-mail sent the store has a 'Do Sale' button which brings the store to their sale screen . The merchant just enters the sale amount and clicks submit. Of course that's not the only way. The merchant can enter the customer's driver license from Start Sale on their account page. The driver license is the customer's account number for GCS. There is a third way as well. We've added a link to the merchant page called Customer App Status that sits right under the Start Sale form. It lists customers who've applied via the merchant's web site in the last 45 days. The customer can be selected from the list and the sale initiated.

How a merchant pulls customers from their web site is simple. We have a 'get approved' link they can add to their web site. It connects the customer to the store and notifies them a customer has applied. This link is on their account page here .

To finalize a sale the merchant will upload or e-sign the customer arc agreement along with sending us the invoice and a copy of the customer's ID.

We provide an upload documents button to make it safe and convenient for merchants to send us sale documents.

About E-sign. We've got two versions. One for store front retail and one for qualified off site transactions. The store front version requires the merchant to physically witness the customer signing the E-sign Arc agreement. After typing what purchased the customer and merchant both type in their names and submit. That's it. There is a button on the top of the Arc agreement to bring up the E-sign form.

For off site e-sign where the customer is not at the store the merchant will e-sign first and after submitting the form it's e-mailed to the customer. The customer will type in their name and that completes it. For these type stores all sales will be address verified, verbally confirmed with the customer with the call recorded. This is a feature of the monthly fee no recourse program only.