About Us

We offer the only true no credit check financing program for firearms dealers.
Increase sales - Eliminate layaway programs -Get your money within days instead.
We finance guns, supplies, training and more.

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Up To $3,500 Funding

With our special "FastTrack" program you can get up to $3,500 up front within days..

90 Days Same as Cash

If loan is paid off within 90 days then there is no interest charged to your client..

Lowest Rates (interest)

Our rates are the lowest in the industry. Rates are based on the term the customer chooses, and not their credit rate. 9% for 6 months, 12% for 9 months, and 15% for 12 months..

True No Credit Check

There are so many loan companies out there that claim to offer no credit check loans. Then why do they ask for a social security number? There is only one lending program in the nation that offers a TRUE 100% no credit check loan. Our no credit check program even has a U.S. patent..

How the Financing Works

Benefits to the Constomer

ARC90 is essentially a credit bureau for short term lending. It's designed to facilitate consumer purchases up to a year in length. It accomplishes this by examining recent account activity associated with income and day to day living. We use over 30 parameters ranging from overall economic conditions to the customer's own level of responsibility to create a best fit for a customer without looking at the major credit agencies. We don't collect a social security number and we don't do a hard or soft credit pull.

This isn't designed to be used solely as a no credit check program, rent to own, or one of the many variations meant to gouge a consumer who may have less than an ideal big 3 credit rating. It's not for people who don't pay their bills either. The 3 major bureaus have 7 or more years worth of history which is fine for loans extending over long durations. In our opinion ARC90 is an accurate alternative for shorter periods.

ARC90 looks at the last few months of bank/employment activity and makes a fair assessment of the individual's financial position. We charge a very low plan fee (interest rate) that the customer pays.

The rate we charge is based on the duration of the payment plan. Three and six months is 9%. Nine months is 12% and 15% is for a year. These rates are not for 'best case' customers. Everyone that's approved gets these rates. In addition, if the customer pays off their balance within the first 90 days we waive the interest entirely.

Clients' Words

  • No more layaways

    I get my money right away and the customer get's their gun without waiting.

    Mark Henry
  • They don't even run credit

    As long as the customer has no negatives on their bank statments in past 30/60 days..

    Linda Carl
  • Sell more product

    Customers buy more because of financing amounts.

    Michael Paul